How far do you travel? 
I prefer to stay within less than an hours drive from Newman, one way, to the birthing location.  Since labor & delivery is so unpredictable, getting to the birthing location within a moments notice is critical. 
Do you need to get approval from the hospital or birth center staff? 
Yes.  You will need to get your birth support team and your hospitals approval. I ask that clients let whoever is part of the birth & labor that they have hired me as their photographer at the birth. It is up to my clients to make arrangements with their care provider and birthing location, but If you would like help in discussing this with the hospital or birthing location, let me know when we meet up and I can see what I can do.
Do you interact at all or mainly stay quiet? 
It is completely up to you and your support team. Having experienced my own labor and delivery - I understand the process and its ever changing moods. So, I can speak when spoken to and provide support or a distraction or help or just remain a fly on the wall and be completely unobtrusive.  If at any point you desire a break from camera presence, just let me know - I will be more then happy to leave the room or put the camera down.  Your comfort is number one to me.
When should I book you? 
As soon as you know you would like my services since I only take on a limited number of clients and only 1 birth a month. So the later you wait, the higher the chance that I may be booked.
How many images will I receive?
On average you will receive about 75-100 images, but this varies due to each birth experience being different. Most of the images will be in black and white and a few in color because black & white can enhance the emotion of the day and reduce the graphic nature of the event.
When I go into labor, when should I call you? 
As soon as you realize this maybe it, then please send me a text! Having advance notice that labor has begun does speed my response time when I do get the “Come now!” call, by giving me time to get things in order, to make sure all my other responsibilities, are covered or canceled, etc.
When do you arrive for the birth and how long will you stay?
I come to your birth during active labor (usually when you are dilated around 5-6cm - you should contact me and I aim to arrive at about 6-7cm dilated). We can work with your labor support team to help determine the right time for me to come to your labor.
Will photographs from my birth be posted on your website?
Yes, I do post images from the births on my website and Facebook page. However, I will respect your wish to opt out of any specific photos being used if requested. I do still reserve the right to use images for my marketing that prospective Birth Story clients will see. You will be able to view your images before any of them are shared and let me know if there are any that you deem unsuitable for me to share. Names do not have to be shared on the website or Facebook, just let me know.
What if you don’t end up making it to my birth?
I only take a maximum of 1 births a month to allow me to have the greatest chance of attending each birth. If I miss your birth due to my error (ie: due to illness, attending another birth, or an unforeseen emergency), you will receive a refund on all monies received, minus the non-refundable retainer.  If I miss your birth because it was too fast or you {or anyone in your birth support team} did not contact me in time, there is no refund and you will receive a "Something Extra Sweet Newborn Session" instead.
What if I give birth prematurely or go past my due date? 
My availability is only from your 38th week and on, you can certainly call me if you begin laboring earlier than that. I may still be able to attend, it doesn't hurt to ask! 
How long will it take to receive the images?
Approximately 4-6 weeks after your birth, but a few images will be sent to you within one week. If you have opted to allow images to be posted on my site, the blog post & Facebook sneak peek will occur within 1 week of the birth.
I am concerned about having some of my privates shown!
Of course! Don't worry. You will receive a form to fill out that asks which moments you would like captured and we can further discuss this during our prenatal meeting.  Some women want pictures of the baby coming out ("crowning"), others do not. Your comfort is my top priority, so I will photograph as much or as little as you desire. But know that, it is easier to have taken an image and then delete it, than to wish we had taken the shot in the first place. 
What if I have a C-Section? Can I still have a birth photographer?
If you are having a planned Cesarean birth, please ask your doctor prior to booking my services, if they will allow a photographer in the operating room with you, along with any other support persons you have. Many hospitals & doctors do allow this! If your cesarean is unplanned, please still ask - or have someone ask {you can let me know if you'd like me to ask}, but it may be unlikely a photographer can go in there with you. If it does happen that I am unable to be in the OR, I will still take photographs to capture this amazing time and can maybe coach your partner on what to take photos of if you and they are willing. 
If you have any other questions that I haven't covered here, please contact me.