Amanda J Alvares: Blog en-us (C) Amanda J Alvares (Amanda J Alvares) Sat, 10 Feb 2018 00:20:00 GMT Sat, 10 Feb 2018 00:20:00 GMT Amanda J Alvares: Blog 90 120 3 Gorgeous Ladies, 1 Boudoir Blog! Not all of my clients are ok with me sharing images from their boudoir session so when I get some that ARE, you bet I am going to add it to my blog!  These 3 ladies rocked it in front of the camera for their hubbies, check it out!  PS, if you know them - don't go around sharing this blog without chatting with them first about ;)  Enjoy!


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Boudoir: Miss J Sultry classic boudoir images, followed by some Star Wars fandom, this is Miss J...

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The Garner Family Gets Beached! Fellow photographer, Alyx, honored me with the opportunity to photograph their beautiful family at a beach near Pacifica. 
Their outfits were absolutely to die for and despite some toddler angst, we got some fun images!

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Charles' Urban Senior Session, Class of 2018! Charles is a pretty laid back guy so shooting local, downtown Newman, fit him well!  He was way more comfortable in front of the camera then his family had expected so they were blown away when it came time to select his images.  Here's *some* of their faves that I loved as well!



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Wanna Be A Zombie?? I have finally listed out of season zombie session pricing and a zombie portfolio on my page, check it out!



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Wanna Buy a 16 Month Zombie Calendar?!? Click HERE To Purchase a One Of A Kind Calendar!

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Family Mini Sessions November 2017 - Reserve Your Spot Now! *** ALL SPOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED, THANK YOU! ***
Spots are limited and the retainer fee to hold your spot is non-refundable!! 
Location and appointment time will be disclosed closer to the date.
Session Fee Covers Up To A Family of 4!
{Additional family members are $10 each with a maximum of 6 allowed}

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Booking Weddings Again 2017 & 2018! I am happy to announce that I am NOW booking weddings for the rest of 2017 & 2018!
Let's chat about your special day, Message Me!  :)

Wedding Moments
Wedding Collections  




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You asked for it and it's back! Zombie Mini Sessions Are Here! **  ALL SPOTS HAVE BEEN BOOKED, THANK YOU! **
If you missed your opportunity to become one of the undead please send me a message and we can set up a zombie session just for you on another date!





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Kendall's First Birthday Session! Happy first birthday Kendall, you little doll, you!  <3
{ We took mommy's maternity photos in the same spot that we did Kendall's First Birthday photos! }



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Maternity Leave As Of April 1st I'm excited to announce that my maternity leave starts TODAY (April 1st) which means no more sessions for awhile! You may still see posts on my page from past jobs, but trust me - I am not going to be shooting, I will be focusing on my little family and learning to be a mommy to two! As my customers know, my goal is to finish all of my open jobs BEFORE my daughter arrives so don't fret! For prospective clients, if your session can wait until the summer please feel free to contact me in late May/June to schedule for July and later. If you have an urgent session please feel free to contact me and will try to connect you with some other photographers in our area that are available.

Best Wishes To You & Yours!

Photo Credit: Brandy Tillett

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Meet The Tilletts You guys hear me say this every spring, but seriously I LOVE shooting at Knights Ferry! 
Here's some beautiful images of my friends, the Tillett family, at Knights Ferry - enjoy!


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Danielle's 31st Cake Smash! As everyone knows, I don't feel like cake smashes are just for the kiddos!  As we grow older, we still need to have fun!! 


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Debra's Smashing 65th Birthday! After surviving breast cancer Debra decided that she wanted to celebrate her 65th birthday with a FUN photo session including a cake smash! As you can imagine, I was more the excited to partake - I don't believe cake smashes are reserved for any specific age, laughter is healthy at ANY point in one's life! ;)  Enjoy!




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Fall Portraits With The Underwoods <3 Gorgeous light, wonderful smiles, and beautiful hearts - these shots just beam happiness!

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Karly & Her Kitty Karly contacted me wanting to capture some sweet, but sassy moments with her old little kitty, Ms. Misty.  Here are some of her favorite captures from our time together in a mix of color & Black and white, I just couldn't choose! :)


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Newton Family Fall Session Please enjoy a little mix of fall & Giants gear with a family near and dear to my heart, the Newtons!
If only mother nature could look like this all year around, I would be in heaven! ;)

The youngest, Scarlett, has Angelman's Syndrome - please take a moment to read about this condition and how you help these precious angels!

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Zombies, Zombies EVERYWHERE! ** Enter If You Dare! ** Here's some of my favorites from my zombie mini sessions!  Warning, there's A LOT!!!!

Make-up By Mackena Dean <3
No the eyes are not contacts ;)


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Sophie's 1 Year Old Session With a Smash Cake Too! { Miss Sophie Turns One! }



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My First Underwater Adventure Very rarely do I get to shoot for "myself" so I decided to push the envelope and test myself a little by doing an underwater session with one of my favorite models.  I only had a little $150 underwater point and shoot refurbished camera to use, nothing fancy.  Here is what I ended up with...

{ You Do Not Know How Deeply I Suffer }


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